Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Finding that perfect accessory to complete your space such as window treatments, objects d'art and throw pillows can be hard work. You want all of the elements of the room to play off one another to enhance the overall feeling of beauty. I like to do the same with my outfits: pick my larger neutral pieces and then build upon them with accessories for balance. This chair is the perfect example of such juxtaposition. The raw burlap upholstery mixed with the crisp white of the painted wood could go perfectly unnoticed in any room, however with the help of mr. sequins over there, she dazzles!

The same can be said with this outfit ms. Jessica Alba is modeling here. She pairs beautiful, understated - but sexy - black heels with the zigzag Balmain so that the look is quintessential chic but rocker at the same time.

We can't see the shoes on this sweet little number but I can only imagine with the swept up hair how fabulous a pair of nude peep toe pumps would look for an evening out.

This golden girl is my favorite look of these three dresses. She pairs her stunning gold sequin ensemble with nude fishnet tights and a khaki army bag for balance. The fishtail braids in her hair add that extra 'oomph' that is necessary to pull off such a show stopper.

Now if only I could get ALL three of these looks into my arsenal for Las Vegas next week to glitter as bright as the strip!

{images via pinterest)

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