Monday, September 20, 2010


Leaving on a jet plane - a Virgin America jet plane that is - for a week long trip to New York. Visiting family and museums and restaurants and clothing stores AND everything else the big apple has to offer. CAN'T wait!!!!

Just thinking about walking around the streets of Manhattan has got me singing Alicia Keys' New York as I pack my bags.

First thing I have GOT to do is grab a hot dog from the sweatiest vendor I find, and score a sweet knock off gold Rolex. It's the little things that make me the most happy really... ahhh, a girl can dream.

But seriously, I am thrilled to be going back to the city; its been over ten years since I was there and I just get so giddy about the smells and the people! Can't wait to tell you all about my trip and show you the treasures I find when I return.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I wanted to give a short and sweet shout out to one very amazing Author, Andrew Baslow, of The Circus Catch. He has just recently joined the wonderful world of blogging, and is an aspiring broadcast journalist. His (first ever) blog is already gaining lots of interest in the blogsphere which centers around the wonderful world of baseball.

A recent college graduate who had hoped to be picked up professionally, has in a sheer chance of luck - whether he wants to believe it or not - is currently on the path to finding his true passion... and I happen to believe it to be a sports writer. His writing is blunt and to the point which could potentially offend some people, but his genuine love for the game is glaringly obvious that you can't help but smile.

Please pop on over there and take a looksie around and enjoy!