Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy 2011 EVERYONE!

There is something special to be said about waking up to a new year full of possibilities and new insights. The date of 1.1.11 is ultimately a new beginning in itself. This is the beginning to my year of OPTIMISM.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that 2010 was my year for CHANGE. I changed everything in my personal life. I moved back home with my parents. I graduated college. I changed my eating habits. I went back to my natural hair color. I changed my waistline. I motivated myself to become a happier more fulfilled person. I finally fell in love with someone who was just like me. I learned to pay attention to the small details in conversation. I traveled and changed my language barriers. I allowed myself to have fun. I walked 60 miles in 3 days for Susan G. Komen even though I despise exercise. I got on the treadmill and verified that I still hate exercise even after the fact. I changed my overall outlook on life. Hell, I even changed my style of under garments.

The point I am trying to make is that I DECIDED with every ounce of my being that I wanted a better life. I was too serious, too stuck on negativity with daily life. Nothing was good enough for what I wanted - and I didn't even know what I wanted really anyways. It took 365 days of changing to get to where I am today: an optimist in training.

Realize when I write 'in training' that I am allowing myself to work on what I want to become. My attitude is positive at best but its not always optimistic. I live a 'strategic' life where I like to weigh all possible outcomes. I love that and hate that about myself most of the time because I ask EVERYONES advice about everything before I make a decision... even though my gut instinct is always the same as their recommendations. Even so, its a challenge for me to be optimistic and jump heart first without weighing my options. So this is my newest endeavor as of today - to be the best possible ME I can be.

My girlfriend Lindsay turned me on to a new website: Pinterest (sounds like pin-terest). Pinterest is an online place to catalog the things you love. Its a social avenue full of things that others - tastemakers and friends alike - follow to collect and share the things they love and share within a community of other like-minded people. I figured since my resolution is to be an OPTIMIST why not join something where others are posting things they LOVE too? As of now they are only allowing members who have received invitations to join their site, so I went ahead and invited myself. I encourage all of you creative design oriented peeps to do the same so we can create an image library based on what inspires us to be the best possible ME's.

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