Tuesday, January 25, 2011


One of my dear friends turned me on to the 'cozy'. She traveled all the way from Nashville, TN to meet me in Las Vegas for 2 days... and when we stopped at Coffee Bean for a blended mocha she was positively devastated she forgot her drink cozy back in the hotel. It took all I had not to giggle at her expression of defeat for now having to wrap a paper napkin around her frosty beverage and fret about her fingers getting cold.

It got me thinking: what other items out there require a cozy?

An owl tea cozy for your tea pot! How adorable!!! I would love to receive one of these as a gift, total smile on my face.

Technically, a pillow cover is somewhat of a pillow cozy. These cable knit pillows would be lovely for curling up on to read a book while wearing some equally cozy socks.

An apple cozy is genius. There are many times I just toss an apple in my purse for later snacking and always end up pulling it back out with a few bruises and fuzz.

{apple and mug cozy here}
{owl tea cozy here}
{pillow cozy here}

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