Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I know I have written posts about how much I love the nature of blogging before, but I just had to share a wonderful thing that just happened to me. With Andrew and I moving into our new place, I have been desperate for some color and pattern to add to our neutral palette... especially in the form of throw pillows for our clay colored sofa. And since I am now cohabiting with the male species I have to be conscious to not have so much 'girlie flowery' stuff everywhere. So without using stripes or checkers, the ikat pattern seems to be the right way to go visually.

I had seen some gorgeous greyish blue {slate I guess} ikat pillows Paloma had posted on la dolce vita but they just weren't screaming out to me. I figured snooping around on pinterest would be the best way to go in search for something ikat related as inspiration. A few clicks later and I stumbled upon these GORGEOUS chairs:

I naturally clicked on the direct link... and lo and behold entered an online wonderland of REAL vintage furniture, Circa Who, located in Palm Beach {Florida}.

Apparently I am the only one on the planet who didn't know this incredible store exists - unless you reading didn't as well - and I am just utterly thankful to have found it. They have TONS of inventory to chose from in many different design styles and eras to fit anyone's needs. While drooling through the images of everything they have - WITH THE MOST REASONABLE PRICES EVER! - I couldn't help but fall in love with everything.

I would love to hang these hollywood regency mirrors {550 for the pair!} side by side over a double sink vanity in my imaginary master bathroom with carerra marble and subway tiles for contrast.

This chippendale credenza blows. my. mind! The lucite knobs are brilliant.... too bad its sold. I would have bought it in a heartbeat.

Can we just take a minute to fall even more in love with this lucite console table??? How fun would that look in an entry way with some big colorful lamp on it??? Total steal at $550.00 bucks.

Andrew and I have a queen bed, but if we had a king, I would absolutely buy this fretwork headboard for $450.00. It would look so fun against a dove grey wall to really show off the detail of the frame.

So my search for ikat pillows continues a few hours late considering I am now stuck on filling my home with furniture from Circa Who. Here is a little tidbit of information on what and who Circa Who is:

CIRCA WHO is a TRENDY RESALE SHOP located in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Our passion is the hunt and we LOVE to buy so we price to sell.
Finding NEW HOMES for FABULOUS furnishings.
This website is updated daily and represents some of our current inventory.
If you are interested in purchasing any items please email us for additional info or net pricing.
If you are looking for something particular email Tracy at FINDit@CIRCAWHO.com .
CIRCA WHO items are SOLD on a first come first serve basis

all images via Circa Who. To visit learn more information, please visit them online here.


Blair Britt Events - JDV said...

gorgeous pieces! It appears we have very similar tastes... And that shop is awesome, wishing I lived in florida... Hmm or maybe that'd be a bad thing for my bank account =)

Jamie L. Loop said...

@Blair, I know right? I couldn't believe it when I found them! Too bad they aren't in California... but thank god for shipping!

GoCkillaz said...

Great find for antique furniture, Jamie!

The chairs are absolutely gorgeous--perfect for a neutral household. The color scheme sort of irks me, though. I don't like the navy/brown/white combinations. [I might be TOTALLY off, though, since taking pictures in moderate light can result in discoloration, but I digress.]