Monday, August 29, 2011


There are MANY things in life that creep me out: bugs, snakes, earthquakes, fires, horror movies, cotton balls - don't ask - but dead animal skulls? Totally not creepy at all. Especially when they are mounted in the most beautiful way, preferably in a group, and outside of the Elk Lodge!

I've been obsessing over that dining room I posted about with the antlers for a while now... even investigating where on earth the dear pinner on pinterest pinned it from (even she didn't know) trying to track down the designer/homeowner so I could give him/her/them major props for creating such a space.

So while the obsession continues, I thought I would share some OTHER antler yummyness to inspire you.

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

So what do you think? Creepy? Beautiful? A little bit of both???

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Catarina Almeida Santos said...

what a interesting post, love the photos !