Sunday, February 20, 2011


I was looking through an old copy of Domino magazine today and found this beautiful image of a very teeny tiny kitchen. I can't even begin to count the times I have wished for more counter space and shelving in my own. But seeing inspiring images like this makes me feel better about the space I do have. I love the floating shelf above the sink for displaying their beautiful glassware and the way they use the 'back splash' underneath the shelf for storage as art.

In the cramped kitchen, there are only four narrow cabinets. An upper ledge, already built in, has become a crucial place for storage, but the exposed vantage means that everything on it has to look appealing. Realizing dishware was her best option, Vaughn kept things simple: clean white plates and lightweight glasses in basic shapes. "In New York City, with no dishwasher, washing wineglasses? Not practical. We use bistro glasses for wine." To maximize wall space, they found some attractive, reasonably priced knives from Bodum and mounted a magnetic strip on which to hang them. Originally, there were two bare light bulbs sticking out of the ceiling. The couple replaced these with inexpensive but sleek, adjustable Home Depot fixtures, which are perfect for task lighting.

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