Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I swear, Andrew and I are turning into 'Hoarders: Cat Edition' as the weeks go by. Last Monday night - without a second thought - we welcomed a sweet 4 week old little girl into our home by the name of Charlotte "Charlie" Baslow. A litter of kittens were born and abandoned in the right field pavilion at Dodger Stadium (where Andrew works) and we of course don't have the ability to say, "No," when it comes to animals. Adding to our ever growing family of furry babies, I'm pleased to introduce you to our sweet, teeny tiny little baby girl.

When I adopted Chaplin and Cal they were already weened and fairly independent, so they just roamed the house on their own right away. NOT THE SAME WITH A TEENY TINY! Wow, I had no idea how stressful and needy and totally CUTE wee little kittens are! Formula? Check. Shoebox lid turned litter box? Check. Closet covered in kitten litter and blankets galore? Check. Two pissed off rival siblings? Check check check!!!

Apparently I finally taught Chaplin and Cal the importance of sharing... see little Charlotte tucked in behind Cal on the bottom? This only took 5 days to accomplish without a ton of hissing and biting.

Sacked out behind the couch with her flamingo... how cute is that pink mouth???

Looking forward to keeping you posted on how this little bug is changing our lives - and my sleeping habits!

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