Monday, December 27, 2010


Do you ever find yourself day dreaming about nothing in particular and revel at where your mind can take you? Do tap into those hidden moments alone with just yourself and actually pay attention to how crazy your train of thoughts can be? If you are anything like me, it starts with a picture just like this one: I lay in my bed in the morning devouring wedding and design blogs on my iPhone. {I'm not engaged nor married but who the heck cares, a girl can dream}. I click on each image to open it bigger so I can study the intricate details and 'find' the beauty in things others don't see. I hover my finger over the image and wait for the "SAVE IMAGE" icon to pop up and then greedily stash it away for more private enjoying later on.

A few days go by, and then I open my image library and swoon all over again. Now I'm dreaming up where to put these beautiful flowers in my "DREAM HOME" and where on earth will it be. I now head over to and start looking at Spanish Bungalows in Pasadena and Highland Park. I find one or two that tickle my fancy and then EMAIL myself the link. This little beauty is for sale... dream again.

Somehow my mind goes into furniture mode, and now I'm online looking at Elle Decor and Architectural Digest, and Ebanista and finding pieces to fit in this gorgeous imaginary 1940s Spanish Bungalow that I don't actually have.

About thirty minutes goes by and I don't quite understand how I've gotten myself from a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Green Wedding Shoes to a large carved ebony wood credenza at Hudson but it just happens! This is creativity at work. This is EXACTLY the type of thing I have TRAINED my brain to do. To get inspired is an understatement... instead I actually create a different LIFE for myself all from an image I see. What a wonderful gift I have.

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